5 Healthy Habits You Can Start in Boston in 2022

New year’s resolutions may start as a good idea, but come mid-January, they start to slip. Here in Boston and the surrounding areas, there are many ways to stay motivated with ample healthy eating, outdoor activities, and overall lifestyle choices. We’ve put together a list of five ways you can keep the good intentions going strong throughout the new year in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

1. Join a Gym

Let’s begin with the obvious. Despite it being freezing cold weather, a gym is always a great idea to shake those winter blues and keep it moving. Luckily, Boston has many options. Group fitness like F45 Training Medford and Orange Theory are great for accountability. They also offer heart rate monitors and user-friendly apps to track your progress.
Prefer a more conventional gym? Equinox Sports Club Boston is the ultimate in luxury fitness. Here, you’ll enjoy all the amenities of a high-class spa fixed with the best equipment, steam, saunas, and even a fresh-pressed juice cafe.

2. Healthy Eating

We’re blessed to have a city with all of the healthy eats. Revolution Health Kitchen, among many others, serves up delicious plant-based options. During the winter months, you may find it more convenient to order in. Meal Pro is a great option for balanced, high-protein foods delivered directly to your door, no cooking necessary. Another great alternative is PreppedGainz but you should expect a long waitlist to be accepted as one of their happy and healthy clients.

3. Walk More!

Once the weather starts to heat up, get out and walk your city! Studies show that walking just 30 minutes a day can improve your overall cardiovascular health. Luckily, Boston and the surrounding areas happen to be some of the most gorgeous, most walkable areas in America! Make an effort to hit your 10,000 steps a day and enjoy the serotonin boost of being outdoors.

4. Start Reading More Often

We’re not saying that reading more on your couch will help you on the scale, but doctors recommend reading for overall mental health. Make it a habit to read just 10 pages a day. Looking for a good read? Boston Public Library is, in itself, an attraction. Browse books and take in the gorgeous scenery while you’re here.

5. Meditate

Sure, you’ve heard it before, meditation is good for the mind and body. Carving out time to literally do nothing may seem like a hassle first, but meditation is proven to reduce stress and control anxiety. There are many outlets in the Boston greater area to try meditation. Boston Meditation Center offers daily and weekly practices for beginners. Additionally, Kadampa Meditation Center Boston hosts both virtual and in-person classes, not to mention an array of community events to get started.
How are you staying motivated and healthy this year?

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